Creating Digital Communication platforms for cost effective online marketing success

DMH Digital is a digital marketing agency specializing in the design and development of marketing platforms

We have created our own brand, inboxingpro and developed apps to provide a total solution for email and SMS marketing services

Our flagship email autoresponder was launched back in 2017 and is the first of its kind to automatically build a trusted sender reputation automatically creating the essential DNS records now required by all the major ISPs

Our SMS platform quickly followed providing a total end to end solution for marketers to provide a full range of SMS marketing services directly from the app with a full agency client portal included

InboxingproX provides a total cross marketing solution for email and SMS marketing services with seamless integration between the 2 platforms

This is the jewel in the crown and the results are simply stunning with up to 5 times the overall performance when combine the 2 channels in 1 app

The service wouldn’t be complete without providing an extremely low cost, totally unique hosting solution designed specifically for email marketers, we combine the low cost of shared hosting with the email delivery using a dedicated IP to further enhance the performance

Inboxingpro Autoresonder

Next Generation Cloud Based autoresponder is the First autoresponder to send emails that Automatically Pass the Google test and achieve a Trusted Sender Reputation!

We have developed a complete email marketing solution that provides the most comprehensive range of features found in any other cloud-based autoresponder with no monthly fees

We provide unlimited everything for unlimited subscribers with many advanced features also included as standard that you would normally only find in far more expensive monthly programs


Fully featured platform with no 3rd party integrations required

Totally unique features not found in 1 single app include automated chat bots that convert cold leads to sales, bookings and orders on autopilot.  Send bulk messages to 1000s or use the quick send feature to send 2-way messages and make replies in real time using our live chat feature

We provide a full service in 40 countries and discounted credits to send messages start at just 1.5 cents

The platform is designed for marketers to provide managed services and includes a full client portal with login access for unlimited clients


Cloud based marketing platform combines email and SMS text message marketing to massively boost engagement, conversions and sales

Combine the features of our email platform with the SMS platform to boost results by up to 5 times

Collect leads using our opt-in templates and your subscribers are automatically added to an email list and a phone book contact list on autopilot

This is our premium app designed for customers who are looking for the maximum results from their efforts

The app also includes the client module, so this is a great way to provide a full range of communication services all from 1 easy to use app

This inclusive email marketing solution is a perfect way to set up as a new marketer with a low fixed cost payment to provide the essential services to host web pages and send marketing emails that get delivered to the inbox not the spam box

We know customers new to email marketing still want to achieve great email delivery but don’t want to invest hundreds of dollars doing so especially when first starting out

It’s a totally Unique Solution

We have designed a totally unique hosting plan that cleverly combines the benefits of low-cost shared hosting and adds the essential components required to become a trusted email sender in the eyes of the major ISPs like Google and Yahoo

The hosting includes a dedicated IP to ensure you can build up your domain reputation, super-fast SSD drives and a guaranteed amount of disc space


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DMH Digital is a digital marketing agency specializing in the design and development of marketing platforms

We are based in the UK but provide a worldwide service.  In addition to designing and developing our own bespoke solutions we are also available to provide web development consultancy

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