Get up to 91% of all your Marketing emails delivered to the Primary tab on every email you send

Background on email

Spam all time high

ISPs at breaking point

Open rates dwindling

More channels to use like SMS WhatsApp messenger

Got to focus more and more on compliance

Unless you are set up for success you will not make a success of email marketing

Its still provides the best ROI


We identified this issue a few years ago and we have seen the issues getting even worse

Who we are

What we do

Why delivery is everything to us and our customers

We created our first email autoresponder back in 2017

Still going strong

We configure the app to validate the domain records to get a trusted sender reputation

Still going strong

In 2019 we launched our bespoke hosting for email marketers

Configured  SPTP server

We know shared IPs are one of the biggest issues that stop marketers getting a good sender reputation

Impossible when sharing the sending with 100s or sometimes 1000s of other marketers

We identified this as a major issue and configured our SMTP hosting to provide a dedicated IP to each customer

This ensures our customers are soly responsible for their own sending reputation

This doesn’t mean regardless of the content; they get every email delivered because if they send spam, they will get blocked


They are provided with the best possible set up to build and grow their email marketing business

But we noticed getting in the primary tab was getting more difficult and as we all know, 70% more opens if you land in the primary tab and we embarked on a crusade to find the holly grail of email delivery

We spent 1000s of hours testing and tweaking

Finally created a hack that id not a loophole but built on email delivery logic based on Googles own algorithm that gets marketing emails delivery to the primary tab

This hack involves a calculation anyone can complete and the addition of some important text and this can be applied to every email you send in seconds

 But we don’t stop there

As part of this essential email tool kit, we also show you how you can actually test every email you create and see exactly which tab it will be delivered to BFORE you send the campaign

If the email is not configured 100% correctly you will see the reason why so you ca n make any tweaks and edits to ensure you hit the primary tab

If you are not getting the results, you deserve it is time to step up and take control of your email delivery

No need to use hope and pray marketing tactics

Simply apply the formula and use the free tools to check your campaign is set up for 100% success  before it is sent

Sit back and watch the open rates soar

But before you start to run away with the idea that all you need to do is apply the formula to any email and bank the rewards you still have to be verified and fully validated

As part of this power pack training

We also provide inde[th training to create and validate the all-important domain records

Discover a new record that is essential to ensure you are 100% validated

How to get your image in the email in Gmail

DNS is key and many marketers simply don’t know if they have the correct DNS and is thus impacting on results

A key record is PTR

Importance of IP

How to warm up the IP for guaranteed sending success


Good housekeeping is key

Don’t buy lists

Don’t send blatant spam

Don’t use spam keywords in your subject

Discover the perfect number of links and how to add links

How many images can you add, we show you a tool to check the ratio and the importance of adding ALT links to every image for added validation

But what about getting blacklisted

Unfortunately, getting blacklisted is an occupational hazard and will happen to most marketers for a variety of reasons

If you follow the suggestions and apply the basics 99.9% should escape the dreaded block but for the unlucky ones, we include a full step by step guide to help identify the exact list

What to say and the info to provide to get removed successfully

Word of warning

There is no magic bullet or magic fix that anyone can apply to send worthless spam to millions of subscribers

If you are a spammer this training will not for you

All of the training assumes you are sending information that is well written and formatted

It is being sent to subscribers that have provided permission to receive your emails

You include unsubscribe link in all of your emails

If you can answer yes to the above, you will see a massive improvement in your open rates and that’s Guaranteed

Dint miss this opportunity to secure your copy of this brand-new training that provides simple step by step content to ensure you improve your email delivery and open rates

It really doesn’t matter what level you are at, applying this formula to your campaigns and making sure you are verified and configured correctly will drastically improve your results

Want to make

But what about blacklists