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 Quick Start Guide

Below are some steps you can take to get your 2024 Directory Domination sales funnel up and running and profitable as quickly as possible.

Please note that this funnel template is in a “ready-to go” format. However, you need to make sure that all of the content and contact details are changed to reflect your business.

 Also, it is important to know that while we are here to help as much as possible,  this PLR package was sold with the assumption that the owner is familiar with standard digital marketing practices.

 Example,  using the share funnel link to create the sale funnel in systeme.io, inputting the autoresponder code in the proper area on the lead magnet landing page, setting up a way to accept payments on the OTO sales page, etc.

Because the offer is discounted substantially, it is impossible to help upload site content, edit pages etc and we did make this clear on the sales page

 If you are not technical and find you do need some help, you can find many reliable sources to assist you at fiverr.com, upwork.com, etc for a few dollars to help with basics

Success Guide

 While this product is not intended to be a complete course on all the ways to use and profit from your 2024 Directory Domination sales funnel, I will give you a quick outline of what I do to get my best results.

Use Options: This product comes with full PLR.

 That means you can do with it what you will inside the guidelines of our PLR license (included in the downloads.)

 We set it up as an all-in-one, DFY sales funnel with lead magnet front end and one-time-offer product as an upsell.

 If you don’t want to use it as is, you can also pick and choose things to give away.

For example, we recommended giving away the step-by-step PowerPoint slide presentation.

 This is a perfect foot-in-the-door way to instantly show your value and credibility. There are no wrong ways to use this product.

Website Basics

 Be sure to customize everything that’s needed in all of the content as well as on each page on the sales funnel to your information. [If necessary] Upload your autoresponder script in the appropriate area(s) on the lead magnet landing page. • Make any adjustments, tweaks as you see fit.

 Marketing Basics

 There are many ways to market a product like this:

  • Email:
  • The best option is to email your list and send them to your lead magnet page or better yet directly to the sales page.
  •  2. Social Posting: Share some value posts on social media and drive traffic to your funnel.
  •  3. Partners: Find companies that have the audience you want to sell to and offer them a commission for every sale they refer.
  •  4. Facebook Ads: FB ads are good because they are more targeted than Google Ads. This helps me generate a lot of leads right away. However, some local businesses niches are harder to market too on FB. That’s why I also use…
  •  5. Google Ads: While not my favourite, Google Ads does produce very fast results. And decision makers still go to Google as their number one choice when searching for an answer to their problem.
  • Bonus Tip: Once you start generating leads, use these leads and sell them other local marketing services.
  •  Selling Basics 1.
  • Do NOT complicate this part! Once leads start flowing in, contact them immediately!
  • 2. Every day, every hour that goes by that you do not contact a fresh lead the colder they become.
  •  3. For basic, but very solid sales skills use “SPIN Selling”. Buy the book of Amazon and you’ll know more than 90% of your competition when it comes to selling.
  • 4. Remember, selling is nothing more than relationship building, communication skills and the ability to ask for the business and then shut up!
  •  Action Plan Below is a quick outline of the steps you need to take to get started quickly.
  • 1. Buy a keyword rich domain for this niche. Ex., ‘YourCityKeyword.com’
  • 2. Upload the Systeme share funnel or use our pages to model in your own funnel builder.
  •  3. Once uploaded be sure to check to make sure everything is correct and working properly.
  • 4. Customize the site to fit your needs.
  • 5. Customize the PowerPoint, Playbook and other content however you see fit and save it as a PDF. Be sure to upload your report and use the correct link for proper download.
  •  6. Input your Autoresponder code if using the lead magnet landing page (Integrate with Systeme.io or if building your own funnel using Inboxingpro autoresponder, we provide the details to connect, if you are using a different autoresponder, your service will provide details which are pretty much standard in the industry
  • 7. Start marketing the funnel and making money!
  • 8. Use PPC to get leads quickly.
  •  9. Use effective SEO strategies to get it ranked high in Google.
  • 10. Once you start generating leads - contact them and sell them your marketing services!